Inels SA3-06M - Switching Actuator, 6 channel

Inels SA3-06M - Switching Actuator, 6 channel


For switching home appliances, e.g. lighting and thermo drivers

  • SA3-06M is a switching actuator contains 6 independent relays with changeover potentialless contacts.
  • Maximum load per contact is 8 A/2000 VA/AC1.
  • Each of six output contacts are individually controllable and addressable.
  • The relays are divided into two groups, the group of four relays on the bottom terminal switches the common potential, a pair of relays on top of the terminal switches second common potential.
  • All relays are equipped with changeover contacts, but given the common supply terminals, four or a pair of relay, hardware does not block the ability of the current phase switching on both outputs controlling the drive 230 V (blinds, shutters). But the actuator can control these drives used on the prepared software blocking in IDM.
  • The actuator is suitable for operating discontinuously controlled thermo drives in the distributor underfloor heating.
  • LEDs on the front panel signal the status of each output.
  • Contact status of each relay can be changed separately and manually by control buttons on a front panel.
  • SA3 is normally supplied in the option AgSnO2 contact material, it can be supplied with contact AgNi by request.
  • SA3-06M in 3-MODULE version is designed for mounting into a switchboard/DIN rail EN60715.



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